Charter Theater and Guild Hall

Guild Hall and Charter Theater

Tel: 01772 258858

Opening Hours: See website for up and coming shows.

Location: The Guild Hall and Charter Theater is in the city center and only 15 minutes walk from the Ashwood Hotel.

Description: Preston Guild Hall Entertainment Complex is dominated by 2 fantastic venues that host on average around 300 events per year with over 100,000 visitors. The Grand Hall Arena was designed as a prestigious concert venue seating over 2,000 guests although it's multi purpose layout and flexibility means that it can be used for a range of activities and productions including large dinner events, sporting events, conferencing, dance events and much, much more.

The Charter Theatre is a smaller venue with a much more traditional theatre ambiance seating 780 guests. Unlike the Grand Hall, the Charter Theatre is a fully equipped theatre with flying equipment and pros walls with traditional theatre style seating.


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